Book Release!

A Cold Black Wave has finally been released after being worked on for nearly two years.  This is my first fiction novel, and it’s been an interesting experience from beginning to end, to say the least!  My goal was to actually complete a novel and know I could do one, as all of my past writing experiences have either been short stories, non-fiction, or countless “concepts” that I never finished.

My good friend Brent Kim accepted my request to have a custom cover done for the book, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t quite know what he was getting into!  He and I worked together for the now defunct video game company, “Stainless Steel Studios, Inc.” or SSSI.  He was an artist, and I was a game designer.  This cover was a new venture for him as he normally did 3D work, and not 2D, but as you can see he created some vivid imagery.

We collaborated closely in creating the final cover, as I tried to not only keep the details of the scene as accurate to the book as possible, but to also make sure it evoked a sense of mystery that would cause a reader to want to find out what is going on with the scene.  Instead of taking payment for his work, he has asked me to donate a part of the book’s profit to the non-profit company which I agreed is a great idea.

There are a lot of the aspects of this book I’m going to discuss further, particularly how the story came to be, and some of the inspirations for the characters.  Some people have asked about the publishing process and other aspects, so I’ll be more than happy to discuss my own experience with the two books I’ve published so far.


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