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A Cold Black Wave now available in paperback!

Posted in Book Insight with tags , , , , , on January 23, 2013 by Tim Scott

bookphysACBW is now available to have and to hold in your dear hands.  It will keep you warm at night, share a cup of coffee with you as a coaster, and possibly be used as kindling for your wood fire after the apocalypse occurs.  It’s only available through the Createspace store at the moment:

It will be available through Amazon in 5-7 days.  In the meantime, I’ll be setting up a Goodreads giveaway and will post when that begins.  I’ve also humbly submitted this through the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, which occurs in a series of rounds.  If I happen to make it through even the first round, I’d be happy as a clam in a wine broth.