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FREE: A Cold Black Wave

Posted in Book Insight with tags , , , , , on November 29, 2012 by Tim Scott

For a very limited time, my new book will be available as a free promotional download.  It ends at midnight tonight, Nov. 29th.  If you haven’t yet felt compelled to purchase it, there will be no better time than now!  Hope you enjoy, and please follow the link to download:



2 Day sale for “A Cold Black Wave”!

Posted in Book Insight with tags , , , , on November 10, 2012 by Tim Scott

Starting today, Saturday Nov. 10th to Sunday Nov 11th, I’ll be reducing “A Cold Black Wave” from $3.99 to $1.99.  Get some!  A Cold Black Wave

First review of “A Cold Black Wave” (5/5 stars)

Posted in Book Reviews with tags , , , , on November 8, 2012 by Tim Scott

After creating this blog, posting in forums, and networking with other author’s, I was lucky enough to get a bite from a total stranger to read and review my book.  Indie author Richard Edmond Johnson recently posted his review on Amazon and Kindleboards, and here is what he had to say:  Richard E. Johnson’s Review

Thanks to Richard for taking the chance, and the time, to read and review a book from a totally unknown author when there are so many Indie books to choose from these days.

My experience with self-publishing through Amazon.

Posted in Book Insight with tags , , , , on November 3, 2012 by Tim Scott

My first book was self-published in June of 2010, a non-fiction book titled “The Case for a New America“.  I had put a lot of time and research into it, which I had done for quite a few years before I even decided to organize it into a book.  In 2010, Amazon did not have their KDP Select program in place yet.  So, you published a book, and then had no resources to promote it.  All promotion began and ended with you, the author/publisher.  Just because it’s on Amazon doesn’t mean anyone will find it though.

Until KDP Select started in December 2011, The Case for a New America, sold anywhere between 1-10 copies a month.  I’d say closer to 1-3 copies on average, and this was with very little promotion.  I did a bit on Facebook, and even created a page for it.  The first month KDP Select started, I signed up for it and did a 3 day “free” promo which was part of the new program.  I had roughly 1,200 downloads by the end.  Also with KDPS, your book is added to the Kindle Lending Library, and you get paid for anyone who “borrows” your book (which has been between $2-$2.50 per borrow since its inception).

My sales/borrows exploded once the free promo ended.  I made $300 the first month, and about $50 on average in the months after, doing no further promotion.  I was happy, considering I didn’t expect to make more than $50 on the book.  I wrote it because it was an important subject matter for me, and I just wanted to get it out there, free or not.

My friend Brent Kim, who also did the art for “A Cold Black Wave“, did a cool cover for “TCFANA”.  I mention this because it’s definitely important to have a unique cover for your book when you publish.  It’s already hard enough to stand out, and using poor quality or generic covers won’t do you any favors.

Amazon and other website have made it impressively easy for anyone to self-publish, but don’t be fooled.  It’s very easy to upload your document, choose a generic cover, and let it out into the world.  But in order to really sell, you have to be more than an author, something I’m also learning as I go.  Editing, formatting, and proofreading your document needs to be done by a professional, or as close to it as possible.  Your book needs honest feedback from people, especially your immediate friends and family since they will likely be the ones you’ll punish by forcing them to read your horrible story. 😉  If you’re not getting negative feedback, you have dishonest people reading your work!

I recently did a 1 day free promo for ACBW to test the water, and because I’ve had success doing it with TCFANA.  However, times have changed since Dec. 2011.  Back then, there were far more downloads of free books.  I decided to run another 1-day free promo with TCFANA today, and have received nearly the exact same number of free downloads as I did with ACBW.  I’ve downloaded some free books in the past, but have yet to read them, which apparently is fairly common.  There is something about getting something for free that makes it seem less valuable than had you purchased it.

It seems the general rule is, you get 1 review per 1500 free downloads, and 1 per 500 paid.  I’d say that’s about true based on my experience with TCFANA.  Reviews are nice, but what really drives sales is…sales.  As people buy your book, your book climbs the rankings.  I believe Amazon calculates the ratings every hour.  Obviously, once you crack the top 20 in a genre category, you’ll start getting even more exposure as people see your book on the first page.  This is where the “free” promo can be useful, as alongside the paid books, you’ll see the rankings for the free ones.

But what truly drives sales?  I received a lot of sales/borrows for TCFANA for weeks and even months after doing a free promo, but I’ll never actually know where they came from, or why.  Was it recommended by word of mouth?  Did people see the book under Amazon’s “Customers who bought items in your recent history also bought:” advertising at the bottom of a book page?  Probably a little of both, but I think the fact remains that, the more people who have read your book and/or see it, the more likely it will be recommended/purchased.

Exposure is key.  Finding websites to showcase your book, or possibly even review it, provides more avenues towards revenue.  This is the part where you have to play publisher, and not author, and do your best to get your work out there and exposed.  There is no formula for success, and sometimes we may never know why or how a particular book reached critical mass, but all we can do is try…but now?  We don’t need to wait years to possibly get published.  You can do it right now, and the possibilities are endless.